Gold Team Giving Back as Ambassadors of Goodwill

3rd Commander Of USAPT  LTC James Anderson and his son, COL Dave Anderson with the Gold Demonstration Team

3rd Commander Of USAPT
LTC James Anderson and his son, COL Dave Anderson with the Gold Demonstration Team

Gold Demonstration Team spent their weekend in Texas. We were invited to initially perform at the Heart Over Texas Air Show in Waco. We started off the visit in San Antonio with our Team’s 3rd Commander, LTC James Anderson and his son, COL Dave Anderson. Upon our visit, the residents of the Blue Skies of Texas East Residential Village welcomed us with the warmest arms! We were greeted by a multitude of veterans, reaching from the great World Wars to Vietnam. We even met with one of the very first female pilots in the Woman’s Aviation Corps (Mrs. Dorothy Lucas). Mrs. Lucas and LTC Anderson’s stories brought us all tears and are a huge reminder of what our predecessors fought for, especially during the anniversary of D-Day. Seeing all three of them, together with the rest of the Village’s Veterans as a family was amazing.

After departing from LTC Anderson, we made our way to Brooke Army Medical Center to reach out to the very first Wounded Warrior Center within the US Military. We visited a facility that had the most state of the art facility to accommodate the worst of military amputees. They even train the newest breed of medical professionals in the military. The innovation they provide, help our military wounded get back into both their military and civilian lives.

After leaving San Antonio, we headed for Waco. We spent our weekend at the air show performing for over 35K people. We were met in Waco with an average temperature of 93 degrees (ambient) and 125 degrees on the tarmac. With that, we met all of our fans with the upmost gratitude! If they came out during this incredible heat, we would be there to perform and greet them. Although there was extreme heat and sun, we had an amazing amount of fans, Senators and Congressmen to greet us once we hit the ground! We look forward to taking a part of the next years Waco, Heart of Texas Air Show!


2015 Great New England Air Show Success

IMG_3637Gold Demonstration Team spent this last weekend at the Great New England Air Show at Westover Air Reserve Base in Chicopee, Massachusetts. We performed four shows before a crowd of over two hundred thousand spectators and fans.

This weekend brought along a few weather obstacles, but nothing the Golden Knights weren’t trained to handle. Working alongside the Canadian forces, the Team opened the show flying in both the U.S. and Canadian National flags with their respective anthems. We were able to host some of the U.S. Navy Blue Angel crew, Westover Air Force Servicemen and women and a variety of media and press, to share with them the experience of jumping out over such an amazing air show venue.

After each performance, the Team was welcomed by hundreds of fans and future Soldiers who helped us pack our parachutes, and learned about what it takes to be a Soldier in today’s Army, and a teammate on the U.S. Army Parachute Team. We look forward to the next time we can be a part of the excitement and hospitality of the Great New England Air Show!

Please join or follow us next weekend at the Salute to Veterans Air Show in Columbia, Missouri. We will be joined once again with the Canadian Snow Birds and many other incredible performers!

Blue Skies!

IMGround_3620 IMG_3824

Last Week’s Event Highlights

Photo3stack4USAPT returned from Homestead Air Reserve Base, FL to Fort Bragg, NC after a successful Annual Certification Cycle. The Team completed nearly 6,000 jumps.

We supported and trained with visiting DoD Teams including the Black Daggers, the West Point Parachute Team Coach, and instructors from the US Air Force Academy. We focused on new diciplines to add to the demonstrations this year including wing suits. The demonstration teams made 117 wing suit jumps in preparation for the new show season and world record attempt later this year.

The Aviation Detachment,”Team 6,” conducted 662 sorties without incident thanks to their professionalism and the hard work of our maintenance section.

Photo 2The VFS Team departed for Sebastian, FL last week to participate in another “head down” world record training camp. The camps are mandatory for participation in the world record attempt coming up later in the year and are where event organizers select participants for the record. So far, USAPT has four Soldiers invited to participate. SFC Abeln, SSG Pendleton, SSG Stahler,and SGT Martin will travel to Illinois in August and attempt to break the record of 138 people falling towards the Earth together, head down, at nearly 200 mph.Photo 1




Last week, two Cadet free fall teams from West Point traveled to Fort Bragg, NC for coaching from our 8-Way Competition Team. SFC Drew Starr spent the week with the two teams of Cadets at the Paraclete wind tunnel and the local drop zone to coach them on their competitive free fall skills.

SFC Matt Davidson was featured in the online magazine, Skydive Mag, for an article offering advice to other jumpers on skills necessary to compete in formation skydiving. SFC Davidson is writing several more articles for future issues where civilian skydivers can look to the Golden Knights for advice and training. SFC Davidson’s article can be found at

The Women’s 4-way FST trained in the wind tunnel preparing for their upcoming meet in Bedford, England. Over 100 teams will compete in the Bedford meet.

Black Team kicked off the 2015 Air Show Season with a weekend demonstration at Keesler, AFB in Biloxi, MS.  The Gold Team will be heading out to Tyndal AFB Open House in Panama City Florida for the weekend of 11-12 April.

Check back with us next week to find out the latest and greatest on your USAPT.Photo 3Wing suit 3Photo 5

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