2012 Hope Mills Youth Baseball Opening

The Golden Knights travel in excess of 200 days out of the year to various towns through out our country so when we get a unique opportunity to perform at home it’s a great feeling to give back to our local community.  This year Gold Team was honored by jumping into the 2012 Hope Mills Youth Baseball Opening ceremonies.  The Team exited out C-31 Fokker aircraft at 10’000 feet on Saturday morning before 1500 young baseball and softball children.  SPC Trey Martin was our narrator for this morning’s mass exit show and performed it with grace and candor according to the crowd members of Hope Mills.

Upon landing at the ball park the Team proceeded to our lineup area where we were able to sign brochures and answer questions about the life as a Golden Knight.  Many of the kids and adults lined up to ask various question such as “how cold does it get at 10’000 feet?”  On the Team we love answering these questions and expressing the gratitude and thanks to our American Public.  Many of the children that were in attendance on Saturday’s performance have  a mother or father that are serving in the U.S. Army and it’s a great feeling to show the young children some of the capabilities and excitement of today’s modern airborne paratrooper!




Winter Training Almost Complete

It has been six weeks since the Golden Knights arrived in Homestead and the Teams are still going strong. All the jumpers are increasing their skills every day with much more still to learn.  So far the demonstrators have practiced Stack Outs, Baton Passes, Mass Formations, Diamond tracks and have even performed two live shows. (more…)

7 Golden Knights Jump Their First Demo

 The 2012 Demonstration season has finally begun for the newest members of the Golden Knights. While at our Winter Training site in Homestead, the “New Guys” performed their first parachute jump into the 4th Annual Biscayne/Everglades Greenway Bike Festival.


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