Mississippi Landscapes


SFC JD Berentis looks down upon the Mississippi River

It was record high temperatures for Dubuque, Iowa as we descended upon the vast backdrop of the Mississippi River. The weekend kicked off by a demonstration into the Kennedy Mall parking lot. We performed for over 800 guests of the Cedar Rapids Recruiting Station.  After the demonstration the Team members were honored to speak with many potential recruits and their families about the lifestyle of today’s modern Army Soldier.  (more…)

As American as Baseball and Fireworks

SFC Dustin Peregrin flies over the Kernels stadium, while SGT Chris Clark and SGT Tom Pryjda fly a Side-by-Side formation below to the left (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

What better way to kick off the Independence Day weekend than to jump into America’s favorite pastime: a baseball park!

Gold Demonstration Team jumped into the Cedar Rapids Kernels stadium Friday afternoon despite tricky winds. Although two jumps were planned, only the first one went off; winds exceeded safety limits for the second jump.

A group of helpful kids helped pack the parachutes, and the recruiters were on hand to answer questions about Army opportunities to interested teens. (more…)

Between Performances

The American public sees the high flying, black and gold of the US Army Parachute Team during each of our performances. Whether it is displayed at an air show, football game, military event, or special appearance, we strive to bring a positive light to America’s armed forces.

The Golden Knights have many different performances, from different altitudes, with different parachutes, and in many different wind conditions. If we were to rely on our scheduled performance jumps alone, each Team member would struggle to stay current with each of these different maneuvers. This is where our highly valued, “Down-Time” between performances, comes into play.


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