Gold Team Trains At Sun Life Stadium

SSG Acevedo sets up to land on the 50 yard lineGold Demonstration Team conducted a training jump today into the Miami Dolphin’s Sun Life Stadium. The Team began the training for this jump yesterday while conducting a site survey from the ground. Although the stadium appeared large from inside on the field, it would soon become a heart pounding experience for many of the new guys as they exited from 5000 feet. (more…)

The New Guys meet the American Public

SGT Tom Pryjda, a new teammate on the Gold Demonstration Team, interacts with students from the Coral Springs Christian Academy.  Connecting America’s Army with the American public is the number one mission of the demonstration teams.  The newest team members have daily opportunities to interface with public onlookers.  In this photo, SGT Tom Pryjda spent time between training jumps to explain the basic mechanics of our parachute system to the crowd.  Each of the students was able to wear the parachute that Golden Knights wear in freefall.  The students asked many questions about freefall parachuting and what life is like as a Golden Knight and a U.S. Army Soldier.

Exceeding Expectations


SGT Tom PryjdaAnother week of training passes us by, we see yet more astounding improvements from Gold Demonstration Team’s newest members.  In particular, narration has gone from dry and boring, to nearly airshow quality. (more…)

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