Gold Team at Thunder Over the Rock

SGT Jen Schaben shoots video of a mass formation. Photo by SSG Joe Abeln

SGT Jen Schaben shoots video of a mass formation. Photo by SSG Joe Abeln

The weather continued to cooperate this past weekend at the Thunder Over the Rock Airshow in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Team opened the Airshow each day by jumping in the American Flag to the National Anthem, and then followed up with mass formations. The Team presented batons at both jumps, and interacted with the crowd afterwards. (more…)

Black and Gold Teams “Drop By” UC Irvine

The Golden Knights take a photo op with the Riverside Recruiters and the UC Irvine Cheerleaders after the jump (photo by SSG Joe Abeln)

Black and Gold Demonstration Teams have been working together the past week in California, performing together at the Miramar Air Show in San Diego this past weekend, then making their way up to Irvine, California this week to jump into some local schools before heading to Little Rock, Arkansas this coming weekend. Two members of the Tandem Team are also along on the trip, augmenting the demonstration teams and adding some variety to the show. (more…)

Black, Gold, and Blue Join Forces Over Miramar


Several members from the Black Demonstration Team, the Tandem Team, and U.S. Navy Leapfrogs joined Gold Team this weekend at the MCAS Miramar Air Show in San Diego, CA. This compilation Team was able to put together a great show on Saturday during the day, and then later that night as well. (more…)

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