Annual Certification Cycle Begins in Homestead

As the Gold Demonstration Team wrapped up week one at the Golden Knights Annual Certification Cycle in Homestead, Florida, we are proud of all that we have accomplished. Though we had to endure tough weather conditions, which included high winds and lots of fog, we managed to accumulate over 180 jumps for our entire Team.

This year we also have welcomed three new Teammates who we were excited to start training, and they have already integrated seamlessly into the fold. Using the undesirable weather conditions to our advantage, we forged ahead on our narration training, and held classes that introduced the new Teammates to various skills and tasks that will be imperative to know throughout both winter training and the 2015 Demonstration season.

Looking ahead, we are moving into week two focusing on more stack out maneuvers, and integrating flags into our canopy training. We are also excited to perform our first demonstration of 2015 at the 66th Annual PRCA Homestead Championship Rodeo on Saturday, January 24th. For those in the area this weekend, we would love to have you come check us out!


Blue Skies!

SSG Koch talks with passenger


Gold Team Leader SFC Thomas Melton leads FY-15 ACC

Gold Team Leader SFC Thomas Melton leads FY-15 ACC


Gold returns to MCAS

photo 1Gold Demonstration Team has just returned from the sunny skies of San Diego, California where the Marine Corps Base was hosting the annual MCAS Miramar Airshow. This is one of the biggest shows of the year, hosting 18 acts, 43 static displays and 1.8 million spectators. The team performed all three days, with a double performance on Saturday for Miramar’s spectacular night show. The airshow host for the weekend was honorary Golden Knight, Mr. Rob Ryder. Rob is an essential part of our team, as he joins us at our Annual Certification Cycle every year to help the newest members of the team learn how to present the Golden Knight narration.

SGT Blake Gaynor started off the show everyday by flying in the US Flag to the National Anthem while Sean Tucker, airplane aerobatics pilot, circled him. To make it even more exciting, at the exact moment that the Anthem ended and the narrator touched ground, two F18′s buzzed the crowd while a wall of fire exploded in the distance. Gold Team would then perform the full show, to include a baton pass, cut-away, diamond track, and a mass formation accompanied by the Navy’s Leap Frogs.

The team presented 4 batons to various Marines for their exceptional service, who were recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty. The recipients included, SGT Keonaona Paulo, SGT JD Coverdale, CPL Brandon McGibbon, and Isabel Urena. The team also presented a lithograph to Lt. Col. Klunk for his organizational help throughout the show.

On Saturday night, the team had perfect lighting for a sunset jump over Miramar. Jumping both pyro and smoke, Trey Martin (videographer), captured a beautiful photograph of the team performing a mass formation with the pacific ocean and the beautiful state of California in the background. After the Golden Knights landed, many more aerial demonstrations were performed by the various acts at the show. Following these performances, the firework show took off with incredible choreographing and led up to the grand finale of the renowned Wall of Fire.

It was a honor and privilege to work with all the many performers over the weekend. The team will look forward to returning to the beautiful state of California and to the Miramar Airshow in the future.

West Chester Rotor fest 2014

photo 1The Gold Demonstration team traveled to West Chester, Pennsylvania over the weekend to perform for the West Chester Rotorfest. SSG Jon Clevenger and SSG Mike Koch supported the local recruiters by attending a high school football game. There they presented one of the high school students with a plaque for demonstrating all of the core Army values. They also assisted in the coin toss as well as awarding coins to each of the team captains, wishing them the best of luck in their game.

Unfortunately, due to bad weather, Saturday was a bust although the team did go to the airfield to meet with the volunteers of the Civil Air Patrol. The team answered questions about the many opportunities the Army can offer and described how the parachute system works and about the mission of the Golden Knights.

Sunday morning the skies opened up with beautiful weather and the team performed two demonstration jumps. The first being a mass formation narrated by SGT Daniel Osorio, and the second being a full show narrated by SSG Mike Koch. The Gold Demonstration team presented a baton, which was flown in freefall, to Mrs. Sherron Trio, one of the major organizers of the airshow. Sadly, this was the last airshow for Gold Team, but we are looking forward to the many sporting events we get to support in the near future.


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