Salute to Veterans Air Show


SGT Trey Martin shot this beautiful 7-way over Columbis

SGT Trey Martin shot this beautiful 7-way over Columbia

Gold Team spent Memorial Day weekend in beautiful Columbia, MO. The town made us feel at home and started the exciting weekend with a shotgun shoot team event with a variety of show participants and other veterans.

 Friday we were very honored to have veterans come watch our mass formation practice for the Salute to the Veterans Air Show. Early the next morning, weather started to roll in, but we were able to get our full show off before the rain came pouring down on us. We waited for quite awhile on stand by for our opportunity to perform our second jump of the day. The clouds were hanging over head, but determinedly we took off in our C-31 Friendship Fokker, modified our show and performed for those that patiently awaited the gloomy weather out.

  The robust dark layer of clouds cleared over night and gave us a great day on Sunday to perform our full show and a mass formation to close out the air show. The weekend was over but we still had one thing left to do. We had the privilege to jump into the start of the infamous Columbia Memorial Day Parade. The team did a show line spread down Broadway Street in front of hundreds of cheering fans and landed throughout the downtown intersections just prior to the start of the parade. After completing the jump, the team joined the patriotic parade before heading to the opening ceremonies.

  The team would like to thank the City of Columbia, Ms Mary Posner and the great people who made his weekend possible.

SSG Jon  Clevenger


SFC Brian Karst getting help packing his parachute

SFC Brian Karst getting help packing his parachute

Salute To Veterans Parade

Salute To Veterans Parade

Sgt Blake Gaynor

SGT Blake Gaynor



Gold Demonstration Team Led by SFC Dustin Peregrin

Gold Demonstration Team
Led by SFC Dustin Peregrin


11th Annual Jones Beach Airshow

Black Yearbook 14 The Black Demonstration Team led by SFC Kevin Presgraves made their third air show appearance of the season at the 11th Annual Jones Beach Airshow in New York. It was an honor to be back in the skies again performing alongside so many prestigious acts including the US Navy Blue Angels and legendary aviation pilot Sean D. Tucker of Team Oracle.


The Team performs for more than 1/3 of the American Public Annually

The Team performs for more than 1/3 of the American Public Annually

 The team was welcomed back to the air show circuit at the Cradle of Aviation Museum to kick off the weekends festivities. SFC Kevin Presgraves presented a team lithograph to air show sponsor Bethpage Federal Credit Union and thanked all of the air show sponsors for inviting us back to Jones Beach, NY.

 Downing Travis SGT 14SGT Travis Downing and SGT David Flynn were the narrators for our performances on Saturday and Flynn David SGTSunday. They both had the honor of flying in our Nation’s Colors prior to our performances. During each of our narrators canopy decent into the 200 by 200 foot landing area,  Mr. Sean D. Tucker and his aerobatic dream machine circled each of them with the Team Oracle plane.



 What an honor it was to represent all Soldiers past and present in front of a record setting crowd of close to 500,000. After each of our performances this weekend we walked out of our 200 by 200 foot drop zone carrying our parachutes into a crowd of thousands of spectators. We received plenty of high fives and were thanked over and over again for our service to this wonderful Country as well as the spectacular performances. The strength of our Soldiers comes from the support we receive all across the Nation. Thank you Jones Beach!

  Black team is preparing for another local performance into the Fayetteville Swamp Dogs Minor League Baseball game this weekend and then will make their 4th air show appearance in Rockford, Illinois.   SSG Bixler  Photos by SSG Pendleton

Gold Team Clears the Skies Over Cape Girardeaux


 13,500 feet above Cape Girardeaux

13,500 feet above Cape Girardeaux

On Friday evening, the Gold demonstration team started the weekend by jumping into the Lawless Harley dealership of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Lawless Harley provides tremendous support to the community to make this airshow possible. SGT Blake Gaynor stepped out of the teams C-31 Friendship at exactly 7:30 pm to start the show. SGT Gaynor narrated the rest of the team demonstration. Shortly after,the remaining jumpers conducted a mass formation, which is just one of the many formations possible to achieve while in free fall.

SGT Blake Gaynor bringing in the American Flag

SGT Blake Gaynor bringing in the American Flag

After a dreary rainy week in Cape Girardeau, we woke up to partly clear blue skies and promising weather for a good weekend. The gloomy clouds that lingered around for the first jump of the day cleared up before we headed back up to altitude to complete our full show. All the maneuvers were performed including the demanding diamond track. SPC Daniel Osorio closed the show out and the team headed over to the Army recruiting booth to pack our parachutes in the audience and to sign autographs.

 Sunday morning, brilliant blue skies brought another full day at the air show. We were able to have another successful day with a morning formation jump and an afternoon full show. SSG Brandon Parra narrated the Sunday afternoon full show and closed out the weekend for the team.

 The team would like to thank the Cape Girardeau community for their support and hospitality. We look forward to returning next year. SSG Clevenger

2014-05-18 16-01-43GoldWeb Team ExitIMG_2813 Golden KnightssigningWeb at Cape Girardeau Regional Airfest 2014 2 2014-05-18 16-26-25IMG_2877 IMG_2845SSG Kenneth Severin Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival

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