Black Team Thunder


Black Team Flying High Over Travis AFB

Black Team Flying High Over Travis AFB

 The Black demonstration team led by SFC Kevin Presgraves traveled to Travis Air Force Base, CA for the Thunder Over Solano Air Show this past weekend. The team began making their impressions within the Fairfield community upon landing and paid a visit to a local high school. We had the honor of speaking with the Air Force JROTC class at Fairfield High School along with the local Army recruiters.

 The team was set to make three performances this past weekend and kicked off the air show with our first mass performance show of the air show season on Friday. The team then attended the wonderful air show sponsored social. We had the opportunity to meet all of the air show performers and received a warm welcome from Travis Air Force Base. Unfortunately, we were not able to put on our full show performance on Saturday due to high winds. The team was still able to give the spectators a full team lineup introduction while Team Six made three low altitude passes over show center.

 As Golden Knights, we are not only known for our precision free fall and canopy skills, but for the ability we have to interact with the American public. Since our designation as the official aerial demonstration unit we continue to make lasting impressions in hopes of inspiring young men and women to become Army Strong. The Black demonstration team did just that this weekend and even had the opportunity to pack our parachutes with the assistance of some of our spectators. GroupFB

Black team took their full show performance to the blue skies of Travis AFB in front of a reported 85,000 spectators on Sunday. The Golden Knights opened the show flying in our Nations Colors to a live National Anthem.  On board our aircraft for this performance were reporters from World Air Show News, KTVU Channel 2 as well as PAO’s from Travis AFB. The team performed the baton pass, diamond track and a mass formation followed by a signature Golden Knight team lineup. The team heads back to Fort Bragg, NC this week to prep for their next air show May 9th-11th at Joint Base Mcguire-Dix in Lakehurst, NJ.

By SSG Shelbie Bixler

Photos by  SSG Reese Pendleton


SSG Bixler sending spotting information to team through SFC Corey Hood

SSG Bixler sending spotting information to team through SFC Corey Hood

Bixler AmerFLG

PFC Winger High Five

PFC Winger High Five

SFC Presgraves talking with audience

SFC Presgraves talking with audience


Local Training Opportunities

_1SGSHERJO_0833The Demonstrators on the Golden Knights had the great opportunity of working with a local vendor to help enhance the training for the Annual Certification Cycle.  The benefits of jumping at various venues are perilous, as it is the first time for many of the newest team members to jump outside of a typical drop zone arena. The team jumped into the Homestead Rodeo grounds, each team conducting three training jumps.  The Golden Knights had the privilege of jumping into a rodeo at this location earlier this season.  The opportunity to work with local vendors provides an opportunity for the team to train and for the team to give back by performing at various events. Gold and Black Demonstration teams were able to conduct various jumps, to include stack outs, track outs and canopy relative work.  The weather was fantastic and the training was unsurmountable.  The team is very grateful to have such great support and friends.

Blue Skies!!

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Team Six

Golden Knights Annual Certification Cycle Hawk streamers Battise documentation Bovee Hackett,Flynn JonesWatts MAJ Costin
















With March on the horizon and only one month left in our Annual Certification Cycle, Team Six continues to rack up the safe flight hours and total lifts to altitude supporting all of the Golden Knights demonstrators.

Things have been very exciting here in Homestead!  We conducted night operations on the 13th beginning at 0100 and jumping through sunrise.  Jumping at night is always very exciting as we get to watch the demonstrators leave our aircraft into the dark of night and ignite pyrotechnics as they fall through the sky. 

We were visited by the former Team Six Commander, MAJ Craig Blackwood last week .   It is always good to have Golden Knight alums that stop in and check on us and continue to show their steadfast support. 

DAC Ken Breeden and CIV Frank Reiner of our maintenance team departed this week to pick up our newly painted C-31 Troopship 607.  The paint looks great and with a fresh maintenance overhaul and we look forward to placing her back into service for the upcoming show season.  Speaking of the C-31 Troopship; our detachment as part of the total team voted on various names to paint onto the C-31’s that will remain with those aircraft through their retirement.  The final names have not been released yet, but look for the names on the side of our aircraft as we stop through your town this year.

Our pilots and crewchiefs received their tentative show slating this week and know which teams they will support for the year and which shows they will participate in.  Signing up for shows is a process our team carries out each year and generally pilots and crew members get to travel to their hometowns if those shows are scheduled.  Even the most senior pilots get the gleam in their eye when the show schedule is released!   It’s a proud moment when our new pilots and crewmembers see their name next to a schedule show.

CW4 Jason Davis and CW3 David Burns redeployed to Fort Bragg to support the men and women’s competition teams in their workups for upcoming competitions.  The weather in February can be a challenge for jumping in North Carolina, but the pilots and competitors are putting in long days when the weather permits.

Finally, we welcomed a new crewchief, SGT Broderick DeArmas, to our team.  He comes to us from the 82d Combat Aviation Brigade where he worked in the Aviation Intermediate Maintenance facility. 

Until next time; Blue Skies!


Golden Knights Annual Certification Cycle


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