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Statue of Liberty JumpThe US Army Parachute Team performs more than 50 shows throughout the United States and around the world every year.  The scheduling process typically begins one year prior to an actual show. For prime consideration, event sponsors submit requests through the Department of the Army Office of the Chief of Public Affairs at the Pentagon not later than 1 September of the year prior to their event.  In November, the Army Parachute Team Operations office gets together with representatives from the US Army Accessions Command and US Army Recruiting Command to discuss which events would best support the US Army recruiting mission. The show schedule is released in December at the International Council of Airshows convention.  It is not too late however, to request a show after the official schedule is released.  Occasionally there are open dates in our schedule that can be filled throughout the year.  The Golden Knights will accept late requests for these dates. Sporting events such as NCAA, NFL, MLB events and NASCAR are prime examples of events that miss the official scheduling process (due to their own scheduling seasons) but can still be supported. Whether an event is requested during the scheduling season, or is a late request, the approval process takes some time and must go through the same procedures.

Some of our newest additions to the Schedule:

Dolphins Football Game  (NFL)                   Black Team   12 Sept   Miami, FL

5th SFG(A) 50th Reunion                              Gold Team    24-Sept   Ft. Campbell, KY

Jaguars Football Game(NFL)                        Black Team   9-Nov    Jacksonville, FL

Marshall Football Game(NCAA)                  Gold Team    15 Oct    Huntington, WV

”Fallen Ruggers”  Rugby Tournament       Black Team  5-Nov    Fayetteville, NC

Texans NFL Game  (NFL)                                Gold Team    6 Nov    Houston, TX

To find out if the Team will be in your area check out our Show Schedule. And if you would like to request the Team visit our downloads page.  And visit our website at

Gold Demonstration Team assists Tornado Victims


Saturday April 16, 2011 will be a day long remembered by most Fayetteville and Fort Bragg residents.  That afternoon was filled with torrential downpours, thunder and lightning, typical for this time of year in the Fort Bragg area. Not so typical was the category F3 tornado that touched down in the vicinity of Yadkin and Reilly Road.  (more…)

Golden Knights win ASB NCO and Soldier of the Year

From Left to Right, SFC Dunning (Sponsor for the NCO and Soldier of the Year), SPC Stahler (ASB Soldier of the Year), SSG Phillips (ASB NCO of the Year), SGM Young (USAPT Sergeant Major)

SSG Phillips and SPC Stahler, both of the Army Parachute Team, recently competed for the titles of Non-Commisioned Officer and Soldier of the Year for the Accessions Support Brigade. Both competitiors endured a grueling three days of stiff competition. Starting with an Army Physical Fitness Test and ending in an eight hour ride home in a very crowded sedan. (more…)

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