#OCDFW? What is that? Before this weekend, many of us on the Team may have been asking the same question.

#OCDFW is the “hashtag” for Open Camp Dallas Fort Worth. It’s a search tag in Twitter to help followers find various subjects of interest they may be looking for. Get enough people to repeat, or rather “retweet” it and you can get it recognized as a trending tweet by Twitter itself – which feeds off it and it can go viral quickly…

As for “Open Camp” (www.openca.mp) it was a multi-day, multi-platform, multi-media training seminar organized by @JohnPoz, the CEO of Woopra, a company that provides real-time web analytics. The goal was to bring together some of the smartest minds on the web to share their insights with people from the various CMS Platforms WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! as well as .NET and multi-media.


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