Gold Team Week Two of ACC


SFC Brian Karst brings his parachute in for a beautiful approach to the target

SFC Brian Karst brings his parachute in for a beautiful approach to the target

Week two of winter training is complete, and it was a tough one! Great weather helped us to rack up over 350 jumps for the whole Team. We continued perfecting our stack out maneuver, while integrating flags to the jumps. We also continued to hold classes on different maneuvers that we will be training on throughout the time we are in Homestead. This is imperative for our entire team, to ensure that we have the safest possibly training as safety is paramount to the Golden Knights.

Looking ahead, we are extremely excited about performing our first demonstration of 2015 at the 66th Annual PRCA Homestead Championship Rodeo on Saturday, January 24th. We plan on continuing training with Flags, the stack out maneuver and will be starting our Canopy Relative Work (CRW) training. Continue checking us out on on our Facebook page, Twitter and on the web at .


Blue Skies!


New team member, SPC Alex Bahry practices his narration in between jumps

New team member, SPC Alex Bahry practices his narration in between jumps

Black Team Leading into Week Two of ACC

IMG_8308-wThe Black Demonstration Team spent week two of our Annual Certification Cycle, completing 306 total stack out jumps, which allows the team to exit our aircraft at lower altitudes to practice our stack discipline and allows the team to accomplish more jumps throughout the day.

The team is progressing quickly with dialing in our accuracy scores to ensure precision landings at our air shows. Additionally, we incorporated both the packing and pulling down of our state flags, while under canopy during the first jump of the day. This has allowed our two newest team mates to learn the functionality of their flag line, while simultaneously working their way into the stack.

Each team member has an assigned tracking partner for our maneuvers, to include the “fan favorite”, canopy relative work ( where both partners work together to stack two canopies on top of each other.)

Our first jump on Wednesday and Thursday of this week was dedicated to canopy relative work progression and each demonstrator successfully accomplished this task. The team has their sights set on working our way up to the more advanced canopy relative work maneuvers such as the side-by-side and down-plane towards the end of winter training.

Next week the team begins with baton pass maneuvers and closes out this week with a demonstration into the Homestead Rodeo Sunday afternoon.


Blue Skies



West Chester Rotor fest 2014

photo 1The Gold Demonstration team traveled to West Chester, Pennsylvania over the weekend to perform for the West Chester Rotorfest. SSG Jon Clevenger and SSG Mike Koch supported the local recruiters by attending a high school football game. There they presented one of the high school students with a plaque for demonstrating all of the core Army values. They also assisted in the coin toss as well as awarding coins to each of the team captains, wishing them the best of luck in their game.

Unfortunately, due to bad weather, Saturday was a bust although the team did go to the airfield to meet with the volunteers of the Civil Air Patrol. The team answered questions about the many opportunities the Army can offer and described how the parachute system works and about the mission of the Golden Knights.

Sunday morning the skies opened up with beautiful weather and the team performed two demonstration jumps. The first being a mass formation narrated by SGT Daniel Osorio, and the second being a full show narrated by SSG Mike Koch. The Gold Demonstration team presented a baton, which was flown in freefall, to Mrs. Sherron Trio, one of the major organizers of the airshow. Sadly, this was the last airshow for Gold Team, but we are looking forward to the many sporting events we get to support in the near future.


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