Gold Team DC to Dover

_MG_9468Gold Demonstration Team had a busy weekend jumping into Washington DC and Delaware. The team had the privilege of jumping into Howard University in downtown DC, where the college was hosting a NCAA Football game. The Golden Knights got the game started with a 4,000 foot stack out, followed by a baton presentation to Wayne AI Frederick, the President of the School, as well as Coach Ted White, the football coach. The students were very excited about the jump and cheered for the team as they flew overhead. After the jump and line-up, the team met up with some of the students from the ROTC program to present them with a team lithograph. It was a joy to jump into such a motivated and exciting University.

Immediately following the jump into Howard University, the team loaded up and flew to Deleware for the NASCAR race at Dover International Speedway. The weather could not have been more beautiful for the jump. Since there were no winds, the team was able to perform a formation directly over the race track, causing the Bomb Burst to stretch to all angles of the stadium. Upon opening, the team brought their parachutes in for a nice show line spread, where each member of the team was assigned a different section of the stadium to land in front of. The NASCAR fans made Gold Team feel very welcome as they approached the race track for perfectly soft landings.

Everyone on the Gold Demonstration team felt honored to participate in two great events over the weekend. Until next time, Blue Skies!!_MG_8398_MG_9268
SSG Sherri Gallagher

Black Team Soars Over South Africa

IMG_5230On September 12th the Black Demonstration Team departed Fort Bragg, NC to begin our travels to Pretoria, South Africa for the 2014 Air Show and Defence exhibition held on Waterkloof Airforce Base. With the support of our operations section, the US Embassy and the South African Golden Eagles Parachute Team, we arrived in South Africa on the 15th of September ready to support the air show and share the blue skies with members of the Golden Eagles Parachute Team.

Day one in South Africa was spent setting up and inspecting our gear, familiarization of the base, landing areas, and getting to know our newest friends of the sky, The Golden Eagles! We made two rehearsal jumps on Waterkloof Air Force Base where the team conducted one mass formation jump in addition to a modified full show that included a baton pass, diamond track, and a mini mass formation with a team member of the Golden Eagles Parachute Team Major Constant Benade setting the base.

We performed one stack-out jump above Waterkloof AFB on Sunday afternoon, after low ceiling (clouds) prevented us from jumping that morning. The stack-out performance also included a two-stack canopy relative work display by teammates SSG Chris Clark and gold team member SFC Brian Karst. The estimated 150,000 spectators came alive as our black and gold canopies gracefully landed along the crowd line, while Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” played in the background.

The Black Demonstration Team extends a huge thank you to our friends and family of the Golden Eagles Parachute Team and members of the US Embassy for their hospitality and coordination during our stay in South Africa. We arrived on Fort Bragg Wednesday evening and quickly refit our gear and spent time with family prior to departing to Kansas City, MO in preparation for our Monday Night Football jump into the Kansas City versus the Seattle Seahawks game.

Blue Skies!  SSG Shelby Bixler    Photos By  SGT David Flynn

The Golden Eagles Parachute Team

The Golden Eagles Parachute Team

Black Team Litho Presentation

Black Team Litho Presentation

Black Team Ready to go!

Black Team Ready to go!

Oregon International Air Show

PHOTO BYweb RICH (2)Gold Demonstration Team has just returned from Hillsboro, Oregon, where they performed at the renowned Oregon International Air Show. The team conducted six performances over four days, to include a night jump followed by a fantastic fireworks show. Accompanying Gold Team, three members from the Golden Knights Tandem section traveled to the show to provide tandem parachute jumps to four specially chosen individuals.

The weather could not have been more beautiful and the shows were outstanding due to amazing people of Hillsboro. The team had the opportunity to work with local recruiters and spent time at their location after their performance on Saturday and Sunday. One of Gold Teams favorite things to do after a performance is allow the attending children to help pack up the parachutes for the next jump. The kids in Oregon were very eager to help and did a fantastic job.

After the packing was done for the day, the team ventured to the “Meet the Performers” tent, where they signed autographs alongside the many other performers. The weekend was full of fun and excitement, as the team performed two full shows, two mass shows, a track-out jump, and a night performance. The narrators for the full show jumped in both the United States and Canadian flags, and had the huge honor of being circled by Shawn Tucker in his aerobatic plane, while flying in the colors.

The team also provided four tandem jumps to selected VIP’s to include the following: Iain Cummings (pilot #7 on the snowbirds), Connor Robins (Marine Corps, combat cameraman), Derek Duggans (High School math and science teacher), and Timothy Wrobel (Media representative and technician of Droid). The Gold Demonstration Team had a great time in the beautiful state of Oregon and thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone that attended the Air Show.

The team looks forward to the next opportunity to perform for this exciting and eager crowd! Until then, Blue Skies!!

SSG Sherri Gallagher

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