TEAM SIX Flies Through WEEKS 2015-03(02-06)(09-13)

IMG_6386Maintenance, it never ends, is one of life’s perpetual tasks. We maintain our person, our equipment, and here at Team Six, our Aircraft. These past two weeks we salute our Maintenance Personnel, who work tirelessly (no pun intended… we definitely need tires) to ensure peak levels of performance at all times. This past week, Aircraft # 262, our eldest Twin Otter, went under the ratchet set for her Equivalent Maintenance Maximum Availability Inspection, also known as an EMMA. For you non-Aviation readers, consider this inspection similar to your standard vehicle tune-up and detail. Now, after two months of vigorous performance in the salt-permeated air of Southern Florida, and safely making the trip back home to Pope AAF, “Mr. President,” as many of us dub Aircraft # 262 (named after Former President George W. Bush, Sr.) runs as smooth as ever! Next week our remaining aircraft will return home to Pope and our Maintenance experts will go to task again as always, ensuring safe and efficient vertical transport for our jumpers and pilots. So for these past two weeks, many long-forgotten weeks, and many more weeks to come, to our Maintenance Support Team, we salute you.




SFC Davidson Mentored the Buccaneers onTeamwork

mattspeach2On the evening of Tuesday, March 17, SFC Matt Davidson of the 8-Way Formation Skydiving Team was invited by the Jack Britt High School Baseball Team to throw the honorary First Pitch to open their game. This marked the fifth year the Buccaneers have held their Annual Military Appreciation Night.

Prior to the game, SFC Davidson was invited to talk to the Buccaneers about the importance of teamwork, of being a part of something larger than the individual and working together toward a common objective. Drawing from his 20 plus years of experience, the three time World Champion shared insight as to what it takes to become a highly successful team.

Led by Coach Christopher Dague, the Buccaneers took to the field in large fashion, demonstrating a high level of precision, discipline and teamwork. They won the game by a wide margin, besting the E.E. Smith Golden Bulls by a score of 15 – 2.


Leap of Faith for Tandem Passengers

20140818 Noah2 20140820 Rich1Half way through ACC in Homestead, Florida, tandem team takes part in a program designed to give back to those that have lost so much. Monday the 23rd and Tuesday the 24th, the Leap of Faith program took place. This program was created by Operation Support Our Troops-America. It is a 2 day seminar for families of fallen troops that encourages life on the other side of grief and loss and teaches principles of courage, trust, letting go and building community. On the second day, the attendees of this program take a literal leap of faith with an Army Golden Knight.

Among the people attending the program was Shannon Thorp, Kate D’Corazon, and Cassandra Randolph. They, like the many others in the program, made their Leap of Faith in honor of a loved one that had lost their lives whether it was over seas or back home. Shannon Thorp had stated that after her loss, she vowed to never turn down an amazing opportunity, such as the Leap of Faith. Not only are we helping these families, but we ourselves are honoring the fallen as they were our brother’s and sister’s in arms. It is an amazing honor for the Golden Knights to help these families and take them on their Leap of Faith.


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