Tandem Team in Chicago for the Week

SSG Joe Abeln takes a passenger for a ride out the door of the Golden Knights' Twin Otter aircraft (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

The Golden Knights Tandem Team set up shop in Ottawa, IL this week at Skydive Chicago. The Team will conduct anywhere from 15 to 25 tandems per day at what is arguably the nicest skydiving facility in the country. The view is spectacular! The drop zone is located next to a winding river and surrounded by endless corn and soybean fields. (more…)

Team Work In The Windy City

Bomb Burst (Photo by SSG Joe Abeln)

The Golden Knights are back from a mid season break and are in full swing starting off the second half of the demonstration season on North Avenue Beach in Chicago, Illinois.  We rarely see conditions as surreal as this past weekend with blue skies from sea level to the tops of the heavens.  The weather cooperated perfectly to allow the Golden Knights to perform our Mass formations. However this year Gold team and Tandem team joined together to create large formations of jumpers.  The crowd enjoyed the shock and awe factor as the team landed one after another perfectly executing target accuracy. (more…)

Country Music Star Keni Thomas leads the Golden Knights in Free Fall!

The heat of summer is bearing down on Ft. Bragg and southern North Carolina.  Triple digit heat indices have been an everyday occurrence since the middle of July, with no sign of letting up. The Golden Knights Tandem Team is cooling off in the colder air 2 ½ miles above the sweltering ground.  On Tuesday, an American Hero and Country music star visited the Team.  Keni Thomas, a former Airborne Ranger turned Country Music star wanted a little cool down of his own.  Keni, along with his father John, and two music exec’s from Warner Music Nashville, found the Tandem Team training at the GK drop zone in Laruinburg, NC. (more…)

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