UFO’s return to El Paso?

The 2011 air show season has finally reached an end for Black Team. This weekend, Black Team, along with 5 others, from Gold Team and Tandem Team, flew all the way to Western Texas for the Amigo Airshow. (more…)

Army Medical Command Teams up with the Golden Knights!

Just when the Tandem Team started enjoying the cool temperatures of an early fall, Tandem Team packed up shop and headed to the blazing heat of San Antonio, TX.  As the team loaded up for their flight, temps at Pope AAF were cool in the upper 60’s to low 70’s.  As soon as the main cabin door of the C-26 Metroliner opened in Texas, a burst of 102 degree heat rushed in.  The Golden Knights soon found out the relentless heat of summer wasn’t over in Texas.  (more…)

Golden Knights travel to Belgium

The United States Army Parachute Team has been wowing the crowds of airshow in the United States and abroad for more than fifty years. This year the Gold Demonstration team was honored in becoming Ambassadors of Freedom to the Sanicole Belgium Airshow.  The airshow took place over this past weekend during difficult weather conditions.  The Team was able to perform 3 demonstration jumps over the gorgeous landscape over Belgium.

The first jump was our honor to jump in Belgium’s National Flag during our night performance. Just before the rain and clouds moved the Team was able to jump out at 4000 feet off the ground into the pitch black of night.  The Team then lit up the dark night sky with our Pyro show.

On Saturday Gold Team was honored in having a guided tour of Brussels the capital of Belgium. The tour lasted approximately 6 hours and included a trip to Waterloo that was an impressive sight to see.

Our last day in Belgium was on Sunday where the Team performed two more jumps.  A large portion of the jumps displayed our Canopy Relative Work before the crowds over Sanicole.  After landing the Team proceeded to show center where we packed parachutes, answered questions and signed brochures.

It was an amazing opportunity for the Golden Knights to be a part of this international experience.  The experience was by far a highlight for the year for many of the teammates.  We would like to the thank the people of Sanicole Belgium for inviting us to perform on their 35th anniversary it was an honor and great memories for a lifetime.

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