Gold Team fights the Cold at Army vs Navy Game

SSg Howard Sanborn lands dead center on the Army vs. Navy logo.There is saying amongst the demonstrators of the Golden Knights. “You are only as good as your last jump”. The Gold Demonstration Team ended their official demonstration season with a jump into the 111th Army vs. Navy game. The performance was flawless. Nine jumpers, on time and on target without a hitch. Despite the frigid temperatures, crowded airspace, and unpredictable wind conditions, Gold Demonstration Team performed a picture perfect stadium demonstration. Ending the season on a perfect jump. (more…)


Newest Knights Gathered around Auls Head Cake

The U.S. Army Parachute Team the Golden Knights’ 2010 Assessment and Selection program graduated 9 Soldiers vying for the prestigious honor of becoming a Golden Knight.  It is a time honored tradition and great privilege to earn the status of a knight and trade your basic duty uniforms to wearing the black and gold uniform of the world’s elite parachute team. (more…)

Tryouts Week 7: Final Thoughts and Jackets

The newest members of YOUR United States Army Parachute Team, The Golden KnightsAs we, the nine remaining candidates, laid down to sleep on Wednsday evening, we knew that jacket day was soon. However, the exact time and experience was still an unknown. We all had our thoughts on when and how our coveted jackets would be presented. None of us could have guessed what the devious Cadre actually had in mind. (more…)

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