Tryouts: Week 2

SFC Tom Bovee Saving Lives

SFC Tom Bovee Saving Lives

“How long does it take a UV-18 “Twin Otter” to climb to 2,500, discharge it’s cargo, land and be ready for the next load? Not long enough! At 95 degrees, Friday was the hottest day of week two, and possibly the hottest day of tryouts yet. A perfect day for the Cadre to test our endurance. The plan was simple, pack where you land, re-rig your smoke bracket, slam down some water, get your gear checked and be waiting on the aircraft. (more…)

Tryouts make it through Week 1


SFC Bovee and SSG Coleman correct Candidates in the "hit it" position

SFC Bovee and SSG Coleman correct Candidates in the "hit it" position

As week one finally comes to a close, our logbooks are forty jumps fatter and our minds are filled with as much information as they can possibly store. Everyday brought new challenges. From rigging smoke safely to properly spotting the aircraft, we never had a boring moment. The Cadre slowly increase the intensity.  At one point a Cadre remarked “this course is like taking a drink of water…from a firehose”. We are beginning to believe it. The amount of information required to be a successful demonstration parachutist on the Golden Knights is astounding. Like little sponges, we are absorbing every bit of it. (more…)

GKAS: Week Zero

Exhausted yet? Muscles ache? Feeling overwhelmed with course study materials? Getting used to it is our only option as the administrative week of Golden Knights Assesment and Selection comes to an end. Now the real training starts. Appropriately the 2010 GKAS class has adopted the motto…”Let it Begin”.

Rigger Check

SFC Bovee subtlety explaining the importance of Rigger checks


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