How are the New Guys Doing?

SGT Sloan practices his narrationThe graduates of the 2010 Golden Knights Assesment and Selection program have begun their formal training as official members of the Team. Six of the newly Knighted Soldiers have been assigned to the Gold Demonstration Team. Gold Team’s newest members are currently perfecting the art of aerial demonstrating with the expert assistance of the Gold Demonstration Team’s “Old Guys”. (more…)


We received an early Christmas present to our Team from Chaplain (Major) Jack Stumme, who has provided us exceptional support over the last year. Our gracious Chaplain is leaving us in order to provide religious support for a unit deploying overseas. We wish him and his family all the best in the year ahead and welcome them back anytime as a part our our extended family.

Chaplain Stumme sends:

“One thing that I have thought about and have worked on is a prayer specific to the Golden Knights. The Special Forces community has one, as do many other branches and regiments. The Golden Knights have been so gracious to my family to include us in your organizations family and to let us experience some of what you do that I have wanted to give something back. I have tried to make it specific to what the GKs do and to include a blessing for your mission. As to what you do with it I have no expectations other than it is my humble offering and represents my prayer for all GKs for all time.”

“Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”


Almighty God, the Creator and Sustainer of the earth and sky,
we, the Golden Knights, humble ourselves before You.

As we fly through the heavens, grant us the skill to perfectly execute our mission;
and as we walk upon the earth, give us strength to always live by our values.

May we always be mindful that we jump not for glory or fame,
but for You, our great land, our fellow Soldiers,
and for the next generation who will defend our nation’s way of life.

Great God, make us always worthy of our calling to represent the United States Army,
to preserve its honor and to prepare it for the future.


Gold Team fights the Cold at Army vs Navy Game

SSg Howard Sanborn lands dead center on the Army vs. Navy logo.There is saying amongst the demonstrators of the Golden Knights. “You are only as good as your last jump”. The Gold Demonstration Team ended their official demonstration season with a jump into the 111th Army vs. Navy game. The performance was flawless. Nine jumpers, on time and on target without a hitch. Despite the frigid temperatures, crowded airspace, and unpredictable wind conditions, Gold Demonstration Team performed a picture perfect stadium demonstration. Ending the season on a perfect jump. (more…)

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