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Golden Knights Medal in More Than Just Skydiving

Golden Knights are Soldiers first, continuously training to excel in the air…and also on the ground. Team members strive for excellence in all aspects of being a good Soldier, and compete and train not only in skydiving, but in other sports as well.

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8 Way Takes Gold at 2011 Indoor Skydiving Championships

The US Army Golden Knights Competition Team made a strong showing this weekend at the 2011 Indoor Skydiving Championships hosted by the Paraclete XP wind tunnel in Raeford, NC.  The Knights competed in the 4way and 8way Formation Skydiving categories.  Saturday consisted of 8 rounds of 4way followed by 8 rounds of 8way.  16 rounds […]

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Exceeding Expectations

  Another week of training passes us by, we see yet more astounding improvements from Gold Demonstration Team’s newest members.  In particular, narration has gone from dry and boring, to nearly airshow quality.

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