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Black and Gold Canopies at Dolphin’s Stadium in Miami, FL

Black Team jumped into the Sun Life Stadium this afternoon to open the half-time show as the Miami Dolphins went against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The fans went crazy…especially the Steelers fans, due to the fact that the canopies were black and gold: Pittsburgh colors! True to form, the Florida weather was predictably unpredictable, and in […]

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Precision Parachuting at Cypress Lakes Golf Course

The Golden Knights jumped into a local golf tournament at Cypress Lakes Golf course in Hope Mills, NC on Friday. ┬áMembers of the Tandem Team and Gold Demonstration Team came together to give the golfers and spectators an amazing display of precision parachuting. The weather forecast called for high winds throughout the day Friday but […]

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Gold Team Joins the Fans in Reliant Stadium

The cheers from the crowd at Reliant Stadium could be heard from two thousand feet under canopy, as the members of the Gold Demonstration Team could tell you. The Team jumped the game ball into the Houston Texans v the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday. As each jumper entered the retractable roof stadium, the […]

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