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GKAS: Week Zero

Exhausted yet? Muscles ache? Feeling overwhelmed with course study materials? Getting used to it is our only option as the administrative week of Golden Knights Assesment and Selection comes to an end. Now the real training starts. Appropriately the 2010 GKAS class has adopted the motto…”Let it Begin”.

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Texas A&M University Professor takes research to a new Height.

Dr  Tracy  Hammond came all the way from Texas A&M University to help paratroopers.  Why not show her what jumping out of airplanes is all about.  Dr Hammond is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M.  She came to Ft. Bragg to help the 18th ABN CORPS build […]

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A Parachute Packing Demonstration Pictorial

In addition to the impressive freefall and canopy flying demonstrations that the Golden Knights do for the American Public, we also do parachute packing demonstrations. This is a great way for the Team to interact with the public, to meet the great people who watch our shows all over the country, and to get a […]

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