A Parachute Packing Demonstration Pictorial

In addition to the impressive freefall and canopy flying demonstrations that the Golden Knights do for the American Public, we also do parachute packing demonstrations. This is a great way for the Team to interact with the public, to meet the great people who watch our shows all over the country, and to get a […]

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Gold Team Continues the Battle with the Weather at Scott AFB, IL

Gold Team is spending the weekend at Scott AFB, IL, where the outlook for the weather looked about the same as it has been for the last few weekends for both demonstration teams. Gold Team fought the low clouds, however, by pushing the show back a couple hours, we were able to get the show […]

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GK 4way earns Bronze, despite limited training

With the Golden Knights 8way Team focusing solely on the 8way event for the 2010 season, there were no high expectations for the 4way event at the US Nationals competition. ¬†However, relying on previous training experience, the Golden Knights Gold 4way team placed 3rd after 10 rounds of competition at Skydive Chicago. ¬† A very […]

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