3rd Commander Of USAPT
 LTC James Anderson and his son, COL Dave Anderson with the Gold Demonstration Team IMG_0376W IMG_0145W

The Golden Knights Prepare for Upcoming World Record

The clear blue skies promised a great day one of the Women’s Vertical World Record Skills Camp this past weekend, held in Eloy, AZ. This camp was just one of the many such camps leading up to the Women’s Vertical World Record, to be held over Thanksgiving weekend, also in Skydive Arizona.

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Tryouts Week 7: Final Thoughts and Jackets

As we, the nine remaining candidates, laid down to sleep on Wednsday evening, we knew that jacket day was soon. However, the exact time and experience was still an unknown. We all had our thoughts on when and how our coveted jackets would be presented. None of us could have guessed what the devious Cadre […]

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Golden Knights “Knight” the 2010 Assessment and Selection Grauduates

This was a very special day to the US Army Parachute Team. Today current members of the Team, alumni, family and friends gathered to celebrate the completion of their annual Assessment and Selection Program. Former Golden Knight Darrin Grim narrated for the event stating that, “Knighting ceremonies dates back to medieval times, when a squire […]

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