Gold Team Wins the Battle with the Weather

On Sunday in Martinsburg, WV’s the weather was much improved over Saturday, and the team was able to get both performances off the ground. For the first show the Gold Demonstration Team was able to put together a hybrid formation, which included both flyers falling belly to earth, and feet first. The tandem team was […]

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Gold Team Off to the Races

Gold Team started the weekend off in Martinsburg, WV by jumping into the Charles Town Horsetrack and then attending the social being held there. With a combination of members from the Gold Demonstration Team, Tandem Team, and the Style and Accuracy Team, an 8 way formation was built with 11,000 feet of altitude (due to clouds). […]

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8way Team arrives at Skydive Chicago in Search of Gold

The Golden Knights 8way competition team arrived yesterday at Skydive Chicago- site of the 2010 US National Skydiving Competition. The cool midwest air and abundance of green grass was a welcome change of pace compared to the recent hot/dry climate in North Carolina.  Wasting no time, the eager 8way Team headed to the dropzone early […]

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