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Labor Day Weekend is a Wrap

The weather came through for Black Team, despite a dreary start in Cleveland, Ohio this weekend. All the jumps got scratched Saturday, but the Team made up for lost time Sunday and Monday by getting all four jumps off. The crowd loved it, as always, and the jumpers spent an hour both days at the […]

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The Age-Old Question: “What Happens if You Guys Can’t Jump?”

In the more than 50 years the Golden Knights have been demonstrating their parachuting prowess for the American public, there is one question that never gets old: “What do you guys do if you can’t jump?” Both the Black and Gold demonstration teams tackled that question with gusto today and their actions spoke louder than […]

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Black Team Gets Back to 82nd Airborne Roots

It was a truly humbling evening in Cleveland today as Black Team mingled with past war heroes at the Cleveland chapter of the 82nd Airborne Association. About 40 veterans from World War II all the way to current conflicts in the Middle East gathered on a small patch of lawn on the grounds of the […]

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