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Tryouts: Week 2

“How long does it take a UV-18 “Twin Otter” to climb to 2,500, discharge it’s cargo, land and be ready for the next load? Not long enough! At 95 degrees, Friday was the hottest day of week two, and possibly the hottest day of tryouts yet. A perfect day for the Cadre to test our […]

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Gold Team Swoops Into Duke Football Game

On Saturday, Gold Team jumped into the Duke football stadium prior to the Duke vs Army football game. Since the game was being televised on ESPN, there was only a small window of time to get the jumpers out of the plane and off the field, so the pressure was on!

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Gold Team Stays Local for the Day

   The students were extremely receptive to what the Team had to say, and had some great questions for the Team to answer, both about skydiving, and the Army. The presentation included an exciting video, and one of the students getting the opportunity to gear up in the Team’s actual equipment, to see how it […]

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