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Victory Junction


Gold Demonstration Team was going to start the week off with a jump into one of the Golden Knight’s favorite places, Victory Junction. Victory Junction is a year round camp for children with serious illnesses. Their mission is to provide an enriching, fun-filled environment that serves to empower these amazing kids to be confident and […]

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Abeln Stormes North East Canopy Pilot Leagues 2nd Meet


   The Golden Knights Canopy Piloting Team was busy this past weekend competing at the 2nd North East Canopy Pilot League meet of the Year. SFC Joe Abeln, SFC Jared Zell and SFC Greg Windmiller arrived at Skydive Crosskeys in Williamston, NJ, on Thursday to get some training jumps in at the newest Canopy Piloting […]

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Robert IrvineWEB Freefall Collagecopy

On Monday July 7, 2014, a former British Sailor tandem-jumped with SFC Jon Ewald and the Army Parachute Team, “Golden Knights,” as part of his and his teams visit to Fort Bragg, N.C. This former sailor is the boisterous Robert Irvine of the Food Networks Restaurant: Impossible. “Wild, Golden Knights-Irvine, Wild”-exclaimed Irvine. Serving veterans and […]

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