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Fayetteville Swamp Dogs


    The Black Demonstration Team had the honor of being able to perform a local parachute demonstration this weekend at the Fayetteville Swamp Dogs baseball game.The Fayetteville Swamps Dogs are a collegiate summer baseball team playing in the Costal Plain League since the 2001 season, when they swamped the South Division with a record […]

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Salute to Veterans Air Show


  Gold Team spent Memorial Day weekend in beautiful Columbia, MO. The town made us feel at home and started the exciting weekend with a shotgun shoot team event with a variety of show participants and other veterans.  Friday we were very honored to have veterans come watch our mass formation practice for the Salute to […]

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11th Annual Jones Beach Airshow

Jones Beach with the Black Team

 The Black Demonstration Team led by SFC Kevin Presgraves made their third air show appearance of the season at the 11th Annual Jones Beach Airshow in New York. It was an honor to be back in the skies again performing alongside so many prestigious acts including the US Navy Blue Angels and legendary aviation pilot […]

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