3rd Commander Of USAPT
 LTC James Anderson and his son, COL Dave Anderson with the Gold Demonstration Team IMG_0376W IMG_0145W

Let the Sparks Fly

As the Gold Demonstration Team works their way into the second month of the Golden Knights Annual Certification Cycle, the resolute focus on the team remains with safety, target accuracy, and perfecting the show to bring to the public.  After a strenuous first few weeks of five to eight jumps a day, Gold Team has […]

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Tandems,Tandems, Tandems

Homestead5x7 Tandem Teams

    Another great year has started for the Tandem Section of the United States Army Parachute Team. After a year of sequestration, the team is happier than ever to be back in the sky with civilian and military centers of influence. Already the section has taken to the beautiful skies over Homestead Air Reserve […]

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Black Team Takes To The Blue Skies Of Homestead:

PFC Jason Wenger

    The Black Demonstration team closes out week three with baton pass maneuvers, canopy relative work (CRW) and mass formations. The entire teams to include the newest demonstrators are proving they are ready to take to the skies around the nation this upcoming air show season. Each demonstrator has been paired up with their […]

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