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Gold Team Headlines in Bellevue

Mass Exit for Friday's Formation

This is the second time the Gold Demonstration Team has visited Bellevue for a show and both times the team has encountered adverse weather.  Upon arriving the team was briefed on what their schedule was for the Defenders of Freedom Open House Air Show held on Offutt Air Force Base and along with the schedule […]

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Skydive Chicago


Fifteen excited people ventured through the gloomy clouds in hope of experiencing the thrill of a lifetime. The room was full of chattering and laughter as team members talked to people throughout the room waiting for everyone to arrive. SFC Joe Jones began the tandem training, showed the wavier and gave an in-depth explanation about […]

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Gold Team Opens The “Thunder Over The Boardwalk” Air Show

Gold Team's first Mass Formation on Thursday

  “Thunder Over The Boardwalk,” is one of the most popular events in Atlantic City, and one of the very best air shows in the country, with its heart-stopping feats, aerobatics maneuvers, formation flying and solo routines by military and civilian pilots.  An estimated 800,000 people were said to be in attendance and every one […]

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