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Opening the Show at Rockford, Illinois

Firebirds Circle Sunday's Narrator, SSG Adrian Hill

A signature act of the Golden Knights’ demonstrations, is the opportunity to regularly open the Air Show by flying in the American Flag to our National Anthem. On Saturday, at the Rockford Airfest, Illinois, SFC Brian Sealing had the opportunity to do just that. Leaving the aircraft at 12,500 feet, SFC Sealing seems to have […]

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Fun In The Sun at the 2012 Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach

SSG Karst and SSG Pryjda Landing SIde by Side

The Bethpage Airshow held at Jones Beach New York has been a home for the Golden Knights since the show started nine years ago.  Other than the Blue Angles the Golden Knights have been the only consistent act to perform there every year.  The team was scheduled to jump all three days of the event […]

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Black Team Joins Southern Wisconsin AirFEST


This weekend took Black Team to Janesville, Wisconsin for the Southern Wisconsin AirFest 2012. Janesville consistently hosts its AirFEST and keeps the Golden Knights in their regular attendance. While it may appear to be your traditional airshow, hosting a healthy line-up of impressive military and civilan acts, this airshow has a unique twist that always […]

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