SSG James Hackett The Great City of Chicago
photo by SFC Adrian Hill Stunning 3-Stack over Chicago
Photo by SSG Trey Martin Kerry Sanders Tandem Jumps

Homestead invaded by UFO? Nope just the Golden Knights

On 16 February, the Golden Knights conducted night jumps as part of the annual winter training. As usual the Team sparks calls to the local authorities and news channels, this year was no different.

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Daily Morning for Aviation Section

It’s 530 am and the Forida sun may not be up, but the Aviation section of the Golden Knights is.  Several preparations must be completed prior to the first jump of the day, ranging from servicing the aircraft to extensive pre-flight inspections.  This is often accomplished with a strong flash light and gloves. 

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Gold and Black Team unite for Mass training!

It is week four for the Golden Knights here at winter training and it seems that the good weather has temporarily come to an end.  While enjoying the clear skies and tolerable winds for the first few weeks of training, the team jumped more times within that period than almost every year prior.  The training […]

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