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Gold Team Visits Norfolk Nebraska for the 2012 Airfest

SSG Pryjda and SSG Sloan Show Future Soldiers how to Dirt Dive

The Gold Demonstration traveled to Omaha Nebraska on Wednesday for the opening ceremonies of the NCAA College Work Series.  The team landed and went to survey the Ameritrade Park where the jump was to happen and received a positive weather forecast for the following day.  Unfortunately out of nowhere a few hours before the jump, […]

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Black Team jumps into Yankee Stadium to honor Military Appreciation Day

Adrian- Dan and Chris

The Black Demonstration Team is very proud to have been invited back to Yankee Stadium for their annual military appreciation day on 9 June 2012.  After arriving in New York City, Black Team traveled immediately to the World Famous Yankee Stadium to conduct a site survey.  As the Yankees were in batting practice, the team […]

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Golden Knights visit France for D-Day Ceremony


The morning of June 3rd 2012 in Saint Mere-Eglise, France dawned cloudy, windy, and chilly with a hint of rain in the air. Four of us from the Golden Knights tandem team collectively crossed our fingers for any hint of improvement in the weather as we left the hotel and headed for the airfield. Awaiting […]

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