3rd Commander Of USAPT
 LTC James Anderson and his son, COL Dave Anderson with the Gold Demonstration Team IMG_0376W IMG_0145W

Winter Training Almost Complete

It has been six weeks since the Golden Knights arrived in Homestead and the Teams are still going strong. All the jumpers are increasing their skills every day with much more still to learn.  So far the demonstrators have practiced Stack Outs, Baton Passes, Mass Formations, Diamond tracks and have even performed two live shows.

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7 Golden Knights Jump Their First Demo

 The 2012 Demonstration season has finally begun for the newest members of the Golden Knights. While at our Winter Training site in Homestead, the “New Guys” performed their first parachute jump into the 4th Annual Biscayne/Everglades Greenway Bike Festival.

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Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

Did you catch the question on the ABC’s hit show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”? Do you know the answer to the question?     The U.S. Army special team known as the “Golden Knights” is often booked for special events to demonstrate what? A. Plane Aerobatics B. Air Racing C. Helicopter Landings D. Parachuting […]

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