3rd Commander Of USAPT
 LTC James Anderson and his son, COL Dave Anderson with the Gold Demonstration Team IMG_0376W IMG_0145W



Folks back home in North Carolina endured some heavy weather this past week and the Team Room was brimming with talk of icy roads and wintery conditions. The poor jumping conditions spanned up and down the coast as low ceilings and gusty winds shortened training opportunities on Wednesday and Thursday here at Homestead. Try as […]

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This Is How A 8-Way Dive Pool Is Selected For Competitions

    Everyone knows the Golden Knights 8-Way Team conducts hundreds of training jumps per year to stay proficient as competitors. But why does it take so much training to remain competitive at the top levels of formation skydiving? A standard competition jump consists of five to six formations repeated as fast as possible for time. […]

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GKF4 Preparing For 1st Competition


 The Golden Knights Female 4-Way Team is almost two weeks into winter training. It was a bit slow to get started, but since they got going, they haven’t looked back. Training at Avon Park, FL is ideal, due to the weather, the relative isolation to training distractions, and the proximity to their coach, Solly Williams, who […]

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