WEEk 4 feeling like Week 40

Candidate SFC Peregrin lands dead center on target for the POPS (Parachutists over Phorty) opening ceremoniesWeek Four continued to challenge us in every way possible. More tasks to complete and higher standards to deal with. It seems just as we get used to the heat that is poured on, the Cadre find a new way to turn it up. In particular was learning how to deal with a crowd of spectators that are demanding autographs, photos and answers to their various questions. Mr. Thacker of Raeford Parachute Center and several Golden Knight Alumni visited us this week and observed training. They interacted with us in a simulated spectator environment giving us the chance to learn how to deal with the many situations that arise during a demonstration. (more…)

Tryouts 2010 Photo Album

Here you will find a photo slideshow of the 2010 Assessment and Selection class. The photos will be updated regularly, so check back often. Enjoy

Tryouts finish up Week 3

Anna Capps learning how to pack a parachute from Candidate SSG MeltonWeek three went like any other week in GKAS, with one exception. The workload increased, the amount of people to shoulder that load decreased. Since the beginning of GKAS we have decreased in size from sixteen candidates to twelve. However, the standards haven’t decreased, as a matter of fact they have gotten higher. Every week more and more tasks are piled on our already full plates. From narration additions, to new projects, to increased amounts of weekend details. (more…)

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