Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders take to the skies above Homestead.

The Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders stay very busy during the NFL off season.  Recently they participated in USO visits to Japan and Guantanamo Bay.  Some of the Cheerleaders just returned from the Bahamas and Mexico.  While not traveling around the world they stay busy around the Miami area. Last week the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders visited Homestead Air Reserve Base, the new winter home of the Golden Knights.  As you may have guessed they were at the base to jump out of airplanes with the Tandem Team. (more…)

How To Become a Great Narrator

Ever wondered how the Golden Knights learn how to narrate? Get an inside look at the new Team members’ narration training.

Golden Knights Medal in More Than Just Skydiving

GK Triathlon TeamGolden Knights are Soldiers first, continuously training to excel in the air…and also on the ground. Team members strive for excellence in all aspects of being a good Soldier, and compete and train not only in skydiving, but in other sports as well. (more…)

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