Exceeding Expectations


SGT Tom PryjdaAnother week of training passes us by, we see yet more astounding improvements from Gold Demonstration Team’s newest members.  In particular, narration has gone from dry and boring, to nearly airshow quality. (more…)

“Winter Training” in the warmth of Florida

People often ask why do the Golden Knights call Winter Training, “Winter Training”.  Are you training in the cold?  No, not really.  Are you training in the snow? No thank you.  So why, “Winter Training”.  We actually train in areas known for sunny skies and warm weather while the rest of the country is enduring frigid temperatures, sheets of ice and more snow than most cities know what to do with. Last year the Golden Knights moved from Yuma, AZ to Homestead, Fl to conduct our annual Winter Training. (more…)

End of the Day Snapshot Over Homestead

SSG Howie Sanborn (right) flies a side-by-side formation over the training drop zone in Homestead, FL. SGT Matthew Navarro, of Lacanto, FL, flies the Florida state flag (photo by SGT Rachel Medley)

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