The Team

The Team is divided into five sections. Each section’s mission is vital to the success of the Team as a whole.


The Headquarters section consists of the Commander, Comman Sergeant Major, Administration, Operations, Supply, the Rigger Loft, and Media Relations.


The Demonstration section consists of two teams, Black Team and Gold Team. Each teamĀ consists of thirteen members, who travel around theĀ United States performing at air shows, college and professional sporting events, and other special events in support of Army Recruiting and Public Relations.


The Tandem section provides Soldiers and VIPs the opportunity to experience the thrill of a skydive without the passenger actually having to learn how to do it themselves, with the use of a special harness for the passenger.


The Competition section consists of a men’s eight-way formation team and a women’s four-way formation team. They travel to competitions throughout the world, bringing home the medals to put the “gold” in “Golden Knights.”


The Aviation section consists of the finest pilots, crew chiefs, and maintenance technicians in the Army. They fly and maintain the Team’s two Fokker C-31 Troopships and two DeHavilland Twin Otters, enabling the jumpers to travel, perform, and compete.

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