Black Team

The Black Demonstration Team consists of ten highly motivated, highly skilled Soldiers from a variety of jobs in the Army. Black Team’s motto, “Blue Skies, Black Death,” finds its roots in the Airborne units of World War II, when American paratroopers descended by the thousands on German troops, truly raining down “Death from Above.” Although Black Team’s demonstrators don’t literally rain down death from above, they do execute their mission with the same precision and dedication as the paratroops of old.

2014 Black Team Roster:


SFC Aaron Figel, Team Leader, Airborne Ranger

SFC Adrian Hill, Asst. Team Leader, Airborne Infantryman

SFC Teigh Statler, Airborne Artilleryman

SSG Chris Clark, Parachute Maintenance Technician

SSG Kenneth Severin, Airborne Combat Medic

SSG Reese Pendleton, Airborne Infantryman

SSG Shelby Bixler, Airborne Recruiter Liaison

SSG James Hackett, Airborne Military Policeman

SGT David Echeverry, Airborne Infantryman

SGT David Flynn, Airborne Artilleryman

SGT Travis Downing, Airborne Forward Observer

SPC Luke Olk, Airborne Infantryman

PFC Jason Wenger, Airborne Aircraft Repairer


Black Team Layout






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