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The Golden Knights competition teams have continually been given the highest accolades in parachuting competitions, respect not based on only their reputation, but also on a continuing record of accomplishments. The Free fall formation skydiving consist of a specified number of jumpers linking together to form geometrical formations with in a set time limit. These competition teams consist of an eight-way team, two four-way teams and this year will feature a ladies four way competition team. Canopy Piloting Champion, SFC Greg Windmiller is the 2 time US National champion in canopy piloting in Speed, the current world record holder for speed and holds every record in the United States in Canopy piloting. To date, competition teams have managed to virtually “walk away” with most of the top honors in sport parachuting events in which they have participated. The competition teams sport an impressive record of 460 national champions, 100 world champions, 32 national and ten world team titles.

Over the past 52 years, the United States Army Parachute Team has broken 348 World Records, to include military records held in the Counseil Inter­national du Sports Militaire (CISM). In the last three years alone, the competition teams have earned 154 gold medals, 85 silver medals, and 48 bronze medals. These achievements have made them not only the most successful DoD sports team, but also the most successful parachute team in the world. The Golden Knights Competition Team participates in several categories; style, accuracy, free-fall formation, canopy piloting, canopy relative work, free flying and vertical relative work. Not only are the Golden Knights superb competitors, they are true sportsmen.

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8 Way Freefall Formation Team

SFC Sean Sweeney – Team Leader, Airborne Infantryman

SFC Joshua Coleman, Parachute Rigger

SFC Kurt Isenbarger, Airborne Transportation Supervisor

SFC Matt Davidson, Parachute Rigger

SFC Larry Miller, Airborne Ranger

SFC Justin Blewitt, Parachute Rigger

SFC Drew Starr, Airborne Military Intelligence

SSG Jeshua Stahler, Parachute Rigger

SSG David Flynn, Airborne Artilleryman

SSG Sherri Jo Gallagher, Airborne Motor Transport Operator

SFC John Aughtman, Drop Zone Safety Officer

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Womens 4 Way Team

SFC Angela Nichols – Team Leader, Airborne Medical Specialist

SFC Laura Dickmeyer, Airborne  Counterintelligence Agent

SFC Dannielle Woosley, Airborne Administration Specialist

SFC Jennifer Davidson, Airborne Psychological Operations Specialist

SFC Scott Janise, Parachute Rigger

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Canopy Piloting Team

SFC Greg Windmiller, Airborne Ranger

SFC Joe Abeln, Airborne Petroleum Supply Specialist

SFC Jared Zell, Parachute Rigger

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