Gold Team

 2014 Gold Team Roster:

SFC Dustin Peregrin, Team Leader, Airborne Cavalry Scout

SFC Tom Melton, Asst Team Leader, Parachute Maintenance Technician

SSG George Perez, Airborne Recruiter Liaison

SSG Brandan Parra, Airborne Infantryman

SSG Jonathan Clevenger, Airborne Logistics Specialist

SSG Brian Karst, Airborne Communications Specialist

SSG Sherri Jo Gallagher, Airborne Motor Transportation Operator

SSG Mike Koch, Airborne Communications Specialist

SGT Daniel Osorio, Airborne Infantryman

SGT Trey Martin, Airborne Artilleryman

SGT Blake Gaynor, Airborne Motor Transportation Operator

SSG Roman Grijalva, Airborne Infantryman


Gold Team Layout






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  • Lpower0701

    Had the pleasure of meeting SSG Bixler today near Fort Bragg, what a true professional and someone who is passionate about what she does.  A true NCO!!! She spent a couple of minutes talking about the Army and Golden Knights!!! A real inspriation to the younger Soldiers.  Thank you SSG Bixler for taking time out to talk with us and making our day brighter.

  • grandmama

    Kevin Presgraves, is my grandson.  I couldn’t be more proud!!

  • CandleForex

    Inspirational picture! I did not know rangers could also be airborne also. Most rangers I know are land based.

  • Kimberly Bacon

    Go Blake….we are so proud!

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