Command Group

Weinrich Matt LTC


LTC Matthew Weinrich – Team Commander





Holland CSM  100 x 150 pixels


CSM Thomas J Holland- Team Command Sergeant Major





Groulx Henry MAJ


LTC Henry Groulx - Team Executive Officer






CPT Darren Ekey – Operations Officer

SFC Dustin Peregrin - Team First Sergeant /Operations NCOIC

SSG William Fallin – Information Management Officer / S-6

Mrs. Karen Morrison – Safety Officer

SGT Shana Greene - Training NCO

SFC Tom Dunning - Tandem Coordinator

SFC John Berentis - Event Coordinator

Mr. Darrin Grim – Show Coordinator

MSG Winston Castillo - Sr. Operations Sergeant / Liaison



The Administration section is responsible for Personnel and Administration functions in support of the US Army Parachute Team (USAPT).   The section is vital in the daily operations of the Golden Knights. The section coordinates, prepares and monitor personnel actions to include awards, soldier evaluations, finance, promotions, eMILPO transactions, leaves and passes, retirements and budgeting. This includes accounting for all operational costs and a host of other administrative services processed through the US Army Accessions Support Brigade and the office of the XVIII Airborne Corps, Installation Adjutant General.

Mr. Greg Forney – Human Resource Specialist

Ms. Terri Wilde – Budget Analyst

SGT Timothy Marcum - Administration Specialist


Parachute Maintenance

The Parachute Maintenance section is responsible for ordering, repairing, and issuing of all parachuting equipment. While each of the jumpers will pack his or her, own main parachute, the reserve or auxiliary parachute must be packed by a certified parachute rigger every 120 days, whether  its used or not.
The Parachute Maintenance section ensures all jumpers stay current and proficient in all matters of safety and training.  In addition, the section tests and evaluates new equipment and procedures.


  Demonstration parachute system:

                Container/Harness: Piggy back style

                Main Parachute: 245 sq. ft. to 285 sq. ft. Specifically designed for  Demonstration jumps

                Reserve Parachute: 211 sq. ft. to 241 sq. ft.

                Automatic Activation Device: Computerized sensor designed specifically for skydiving

 Competition parachute system:

                Container/Harness: Piggy-back style

                Main Parachute:  97 sq. ft. to 120 sq. ft. High performance sport canopies

                Reserve Parachute:  113 sq. ft. to 126 sq. ft.

                Automatic Activation Device: Computerized sensor designed specifically high speed canopies

       Tandem Parachute System:

                Container/Harness: Piggy-back style and passenger harness. Designed to carry two jumpers at one time

                Main Parachute: 390 sq. ft. Specifically designed for Tandem jumps

                Reserve Parachute: 360 sq. ft.

                Automatic Activation Device: Computerized sensor designed specifically for Tandem jumping

Mr. Tom Bovee - Rigger / Safety NCO

SFC Derrick Coleman -Rigger


The Supply Section of the US Army Parachute Team provides the staffing for all Logistical Support of supplies, equipment and service requirements. Supply Personnel are responsible for furnishing the support of a supply room, property book office, S4 and a CIF (clothing Issue Facility).
Authorization, payment and finally accountability are all administered through this section.  The supply section is an integral part of the overall success of the parachute team’s mission.

Ms. Sandra Gaskins – Property Books Officer

Mr. Scott Stanley - Supply Technician

Ms. Mary McGarry – Supply Technician

Media Relations

Media Relations is a multifaceted shop specializing the delicate liaison between the only Department of the Army parachute team, Golden Knights and the civilian media.
This well-equipped shop captures digital images of the Army Ambassadors in all aspects of their jobs, manifesting the, Band of Excellence as displayed by the U.S. Army soldiers around the world. Product is acquired both on video and still photographs; they are archived and prepared for distribution to the media and public at large.
Our graphics artist designs and builds all the creative products for distribution such as brochures, posters, certificates and any print production with no established format.
A team journalist coordinates the press rides and interviews for the shows, special events and parachute competitions.  As well as writes stories on the teams accomplishments and provides whatever information the press may need for their reports.
A darkroom technician handles the care and maintenance of the equipment in the darkroom.  He also is in charge of all the high quality photo printing the team requires.
The videographer captures footage of all special events and archives video footage brought to him by free-fall videographers.  He compiles specially requested video for the media and he produces the yearly team movie used in the press packets.

Ms. Donna Dixon – Chief Public Affairs Officer

Mr. Sean Capogreco – Graphics Designer

Mr. Michael Battise – Videographer/Editor

Mr. Jerry Morrison - Multimedia Producer

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