Tandem Team

The Golden Knights Tandem Team brings the exhilarating experience of freefall to Soldiers and VIPs all over the country. The Tandem Team has jumped with celebrities, former presidents, prominent sports figures, and countless outstanding Soldiers.

Some of their passengers of note include 41st President George H.W. Bush, Chuck Norris, Bill Murray, Geraldo Rivera, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Tiger Woods, Nascar driver Tony Stewart, UFC fighter Randy Couture and most recently Cincinnati Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis.

The Team performs tandem jumps at their training drop zone in Laurinburg, NC, as well as travels to many tandem camps around the country.


Tandem Team

SFC Joe Jones- Team Leader,  Airborne Ranger

SFC Noah Watts-Asst Team Leader, Airborne Infantryman

SFC Brian Sealing, Airborne Infantryman

SFC Jon Ewald, Airborne Calvary Scout

SSG Richard Sloan, Airborne Information Technology Specialist

SFC Chris Acevedo, Airborne Early Warning Systems Operator

SSG Joe Hinds, Airborne Intelligence Analyst

SSG Jonathan Lopez, Airborne Infantryman

SSG Reese Pendleton, Airborne Infantryman

SSG Trey Martin, Airborne Artilleryman

SGT John Long, Airbrone Signal System Support Specialist

SGT Dan Osorio, Airborne Infantryman


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  • Stanwood

    Good day my name is MSG David Stanwood, I work at JTF SWORD on Bragg I am trying to contact SSG Medley, in ref to getting on some Tandem jumps, my number is 910-643-6775, Thank you.

  • Al-Malik M. El Shabazz

    Out of all the Blacks in the Army the Golden Knights couldn’t find one (or didn’t show one on their Web Site) to be a knight……..Things that make you go Hummmmmmmm

    • AG

      Call Jesse or AL

    • AG

      Cecil Davis was a Knight by the way and he was black. The Golden Knights honor him. Do your research.

  • Ashley Crocetti Dattomo

    Hello! My name is Ashley and I am a firefighter/paramedic in IL. It has been a life long dream to tandem and would absolutely love the honor of fulfilling with the best of the best!!! Is there any possibility of of fulfilling this item on my bucket list?? Thank you for you’re time! And thank you for being 100% kickass!

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