Golden Knight Assessment and Selection

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Are You a Soldier?

IF you LOVE the Army, LOVE to skydive, and LOVE to travel – you should APPLY NOW.

Prove you’re the right person at Golden Knight Assessment & Selection this fall and you’ll get selected to join the ranks of the World-Champion Golden Knights

We’re looking for GREAT Soldiers, with a clean military & civilian record,
Minimum of 100 Military or Civilian free-fall parachute jumps
static-line airborne qualified or willing to attend
application packet with approval from your chain of command..


Applications are due by July 31st.

Tryouts are held each year starting September through October or until completed.

After reading the application packet, still have questions? Think you may need a waiver? Give us a call at (910) 396-4800 or email us

But don’t wait.  Because you’ll need you chain of command’s endorsement!


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  • David Lemus

    is there a waiver for the 100 jumps?

  • Suger


  • Philip

    if you have the minimum of 100 civilian jumps but not airborne and have a perm profile can you still become a Golden Knight?

  • Jeremy Garduno

    Is the green platoon still going for those who need free fall but don’t have the money to obtain a license?

  • Dan

    there isn’t a waiver for the 100 jumps, but i was in this past tryouts, and some people only had 50 jumps. it really depends on their needs, so put in a good packet and see if they take it, if they like you, then good chance they will accept your packet.

  • Kevin Andrews

    what are the tryouts like? i plan to apply and be there next season

  • Robbins

    Is this on the enlisted side only?

    • Kevin Andrews

      from what i understand the knights only have about 4 officers

  • Daniel

    I am currently a 2nd year in college and I am ROTC contracted, so when I graduate I will commission. I recently started jumping and currently have 15 jumps but intend to have well over the minimum of 100 before I graduate. Is it possible for a newly commissioned officer to join the Golden Knights, and if so, how competitive is it? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  • WD

    Get started an? I didn’ t see anything after that.

  • WD

    Apply NOW , I get it, need to go to bed!

  • Jessica

    Where do I turn in my application?

  • Benjamin

    Can you join if you’re not in the army, but want to be ?

  • Matt

    Will they accept other branches?

    • corners

      Yes. They said they are looking for people with clean military and civilian records

  • eric

    Is there a minimum/maximum TIS or rank?

  • Pete

    I am currently in SF, so do you know how to get a hold of a black dagger application? I know that this isn’t your problem, but just thought that I would ask. Thanks!

  • matt s

    I am currently a skydiver with over 100 jumps civi and in the National guard can I join or would i need to go active duty? One last thing i got waiver into the army for a misdemeanor crime not violent or drug related can I still join?

  • Keith

    Is there a time in grade or time in service maximum? I am E-7 (2years time in grade) with 14 years of service

  • Paul

    Is there a waiver for DA Photo? Photo Lab
    on my base won’t be open till the end of next month. Thanks

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